Since 1950 these mexican gourmet ice cream recipes have been passed down for generations with only the highest quality ingredients. Our unique blends are churned in a barrel creating rich flavors in each batch that will make your palate swoon in the tradition of all things latin.
We welcome you to our family. Enjoy!

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Agave Cream: Award winning 100% Blue Agave Los Osuna Blanco permeates in this original Abel 1950 agave cream recipe, making the flawless combination of dessert and spirit a reality.
Mexican Hot Chocolate: 100% Cacao, Pure Cinnamon with tinge of our family's secret ingredient, creates this unique mexican hot chocolate experience. Gather your family for this indulgent after dinner delight and join ours in this tradition.
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Sweet 100% Mango with Blue Agave: The pure agave honey sweetening this creamy 100% sea salt all natural mango sorbet with Los Osuna Blanco spirit, will have you saying... MMMMM QUE RICO!!
Caramelized Corn: Sweet Corn simmers in 100% Natural Agave Nectar for a blend of Latin flavoring that promises to enrich even the most sophisticated palate.
Candied Yams: The luminary features of this unique Sweet Potato ice cream include Piloncillo and Canela. Together they marinate vegetable into a savory refinement of this delicatessen dessert.
Mamey Sway: Grown in Southern Mexico, the Mamey Sapote tree, bears a fruit that combines the flavors of sweet potato, pumpkin, and maraschino cherries. This Abel 1950 recipe blends these natural unique traits with cocoa and almonds, making this ice cream a bona fide thrill ride of rich seasoning.

All natural ingredients no artificial flavoring or coloring Milk has no artificial growth hormone rBST