A journey to Mexico in a spoon: Agave Tequila ice cream

Andrea Gray, SF Fusion Food Examiner
July 31, 2011

It seems that the complexities and sublteties that are the flavors of Mexican cuisine translate beautifully into ice cream. Nancy Rosales and her sister, Christie, were inspired to keep their family traditions alive. "Since our father, Abel Rosales, passed in 97’ we’ve made a point of keeping his love for our Mexican culture alive. His passion for deserts and homemade ice cream can only be paralleled to his passion for a well lived life. He raised six daughters to live out loud with love for family, tradition and pride. We couldn’t be more honored to carry his name in this product and in so doing keeping his spirit alive".

Bringing the traditions of the Mexican paletera (traditional Mexican street vendors who sell paletas, Mexican popsicles) to new heights, the sisters use recipes that have been passed down for generations, all Neveria Abel's gourmet ice creams are churned in a barrel, the old-fashioned way, in small batches, creating flavors that are as rich as they are unique.

The brand's signature flavor is Agave Cream, which is an original 1950 recipe product made using an award-winning 100% Blue Agave Los Osuna, a dessert permeated with just the right touch of tequila so that it becomes almost a frozen cocktail in a spoon.

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Published March 30, 2010
Taco the Town
Tacos and Tequila Ice Cream in Pac Heights
Rules are being broken everywhere.

White: no problem after Labor Day.

No eating before swimming: died with the advent of the swim-up bar.

And now: a solid Mexican joint setting up on a stretch where no good Mexican spot has ever opened before.

Introducing TacoBar, your bright new destination taqueria for Mexican by way of Mexico City, opening next week in the decidedly non-Mexican part of town known as Pac Heights.

Sure, the Mission's got a stronghold when it comes to burritos in San Francisco, but a few select spots have carved something out for themselves, and we think you'll agree that TacoBar is set to join their ranks.

Brought to you by a Nick's Crispy Tacos alum, this is where you'll go when you're looking to satisfy your cravings for a few good, hard shells stuffed with braised pork carnitas or beer-batter fried mahimahi. And like any good student, TacoBar is trying to school the master: in place of Nick's double tortilla, TacoBar is substituting the second tortilla with a tortilla-size shell of crispy cheese known as chicharron de queso.

And while the drink list is the usual Mexican beers and soju-based margaritas, you'll want to check out the dessert menu for a jolt of high-proof ice cream in the form of 100% blue agave tequila ice cream.

Breaking another rule: dessert before dinner.

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